Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sony Oz Update

Several people have asked how the land cruiser is faring. Sony Oz - Grace's nickname for the car - is doing better and is back on the road.
During the down time, Dave and Jennifer, loaned us their Astro van, which was very cool. The Celica is a teensie bit small for the whole family to ride anywhere!
A friend and former PNG missionary, Richard, spot welded some pull tabs on. Using a come-along, he was able to straighten out the body enough to fit the tail light back in. The rear lift gate and right door were able to close, as well.
I ordered a replacement right rear sliding window and tail light.
After some stretching, pounding, even tearing, the car is functional. We are thankful to our friends for this answer to prayer.
The next step is grinding off the rust, then spraying a coat of primer to save the exposed steel.
You don't have to leave your home town to have a bit of adventure!

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