Friday, January 19, 2007

And we're off ... 2007!

Over half way through January and this year is tearing along! From a week long Christmas break, it is back to a familiar routine with freshly sprung challenges. And the silent questions in all our hearts ... what are you up to and when do you leave?

This is my quick attempt to answer. The rosy new year persuaded us to become serious about exercising the body, mind and soul (unfortunately a new diet idea didn't stick), making time for family, and preparing for our journey.

The best way we prepare is to pay off debt. A great opportunity has realized and I occasionally moonlight as a stain-glass-window-maker-apprentice. My good friend, David Strouse, runs the custom window department at a nearby glass shop, and I enjoy learning the trade and hanging out with him. I will write more about this later.

A couple evenings a week Olivia and I work through a kids book called “Let's Move Overseas.” I love spending time one on one with her and watch the apprehension ease from her shoulders as she adjusts to the idea of leaving Kansas.

I enrolled in a class called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, which I was very excited about. Unfortunately, the class was canceled after the first week.

We have been reading. These books relate to our new vocation and my existing one. My books have been The Emotionally Healthy Church, My American Journey (Colin Powell's autobiography), Who Moved My Cheese?, and Revolution (by George Barna). More on this later, as well.

Our plans are (come August): sell the house, leave Cessna, and join Proclaim Aviation for a year (pending official acceptance). From there, we will (God willing) complete the technical evaluation and leave with AIM-AIR as full time missionaries. This will likely be our last winter in Kansas for a long time.

The family is well, aside from the sniffles and sore throats. Isaiah mastered walking ... and walking away with whatever his little hands find. Breanna started a unit study with the girls on Africa (something Olivia requested), and we slowly work on packing up the house.

I can tell this is going to be an exciting year! I feel like a wooden ship driven by a strength I can feel but not touch. It fills the sails and tightens the ropes which strain to pull this mortal vessel on a tightly steered course. And over the bow comes the crash of waves and salty air filled with adventure and purpose. Hang on ... and thanks for coming aboard with us!


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